DermaLux Offer


This October energise and perfect your skin using the revolutionary new LED Light Treatment with DermaLux!

For a limited time only, buy the SkinLux course and receive the SkinLux home kit worth £200!*

The DermaLux is a new piece of equipment causing a stir in the beauty industry. Harnessing the healing and regenerating properties of certain light waves, the treatment is able to provide effective solutions to pigmentation, acne and stimulate collagen and fibroblasts to smooth and restore skin without any downtime.

To add to the effectiveness of the DermaLux, we have introduced the SkinLux treatment. This treatment includes the anti-aging ‘Tensage’ serum; the key ingredient in which is a growth factor derived from ‘snails’, a product which is making headlines for its anti-aging properties.

*Whilst stocks last

Near Infra-Red Light

  • Reduces melanin production
  • Increases fibroblast activity
  • Increases collagen & elastic fibre production
  • Reduces wrinkles & increases skins elasticity
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Accelerates wound healing
  • Reduces chronic inflammation & pain stimulates vascular repair

Red Light

  • Increases fibroblast activity
  • Increases collagen & elastic fibre production
  • Improves skins brightness
  • Accelerates wound healing & bruise resolution
  • Reduces redness & inflammation

Blue Light

  • Anti-bacterial action
  • Effectively treats acne
  • Helps control sebum production



SkinLux        8 treatments with Stem Cell Snail Facial      £600 (£75)

Dermalux    8 Light treatments only                                   £360 (£45)

SkinLux        Single treatment with Snail Facial                 £80

Dermalux    Single Light treatment                                    £60

Demalux      Post treatment repair                                     £35