Clinic Practinioner Consultation[dots]£30
(redeemable against products or your first treatment)


Anti wrinkle injection (Botox ®)

1 area [dots]£195

2 areas [dots]£295

3 areas[dots]£315

Full face lift [dots]£335

Neck lift [dots]£250

Hyperhidrosis (sweat reduction underarms) [dots]£475

Dermal Fillers

Juvederm 0.5ml [dots]£200

Juvederm (Volift/Voluma/Volbella)1ml [dots]£400

Teosyal 1ml [dots]£330

Restylane Perlane 1ml [dots]£300

Radiesse 1.5ml [dots]from £350

Sculptra per vial [dots]£400

Lip Enhancement1ml [dots]from £350

Hand Rejuvenation 1ml [dots]£350

Tear Trough [dots]from £350

(20% off additional syringes if required)


Face [dots]£550

Neck [dots]£550

Arms [dots]£900

Plasma Soft Surgery (Felc/Plexr)

Non surgical eye lift (lower or upper) [dots]£450

Mole removal [dots]from £250

Warts / Skin tags / Age spots [dots]from £150

Plasm Rich Growth Factor Treatment (PRP) [dots]£500


Skin Rejuvenation

Vitamin C Signature Peel  [dots]£80

Salicylic Peel [dots]£90

Enzyme Peel [dots]£80

Oxygen Facial (Intraceuticals TM)  [dots] £120

LED Phototherapy [dots]££60/£80

Dermaroller/ Dermapen [dots]£250

Mesotherapy (Hydration, fine lines)  [dots]£150

Radiofrequency [dots]£95

Advanced Radiofrequency [dots]£180

Fractional skin resurfacing [dots]£250

IPL (Pigmentation, Thread Veins, Rosacea)  [dots]from £180

Double chin (Fat freezing) [dots]£150

HydraFacial TM (Dermabuilder) [dots]from £130

HydraFacial TM Express [dots]£90

Perk [dots]from £45

(Course of 6 recommended, buy 5 get 1 free)

Body Treatments

3D Lipo TM [dots]£140

Fat Freezing (Cryotherapy) small area [dots]£300

Fat Freezing (Cryotherapy) large area [dots]£140

Cellulite [dots]£140

Skin tightening [dots]from £100

Stretch marks [dots]£145


Hot Wax

Lip/Chin [dots]£10

Underarm [dots]£15

Bikini [dots]£30

Brazilian/Hollywood [dots]£45

Extended Bikini [dots]£30

Runway Bikini [dots]£35

Cheeks [dots]£15

Eyebrow Shape [dots]£10

Strip Wax

Stomach [dots]£25

Back [dots]£25+

Full Leg [dots]£40

Half Leg [dots]£25

Full arm [dots]£30

Half arm [dots]£20

Chest [dots]£20

Laser Hair Removal (per treatment)

Lip & Chin [dots]£40

Sides of Face [dots]£50

Bikini [dots]£70

Bikini Extended [dots]£95

Underarm [dots]£50

Half Leg/Full Leg [dots]£150/£250

Half Arm/Full Arm [dots]£70/£110

Full Back & Shoulders [dots]£200

Shoulders [dots]£95

Upper/Lower Back, Chest [dots]£110

Abdomen [dots]£95

Other areas price on request

Laser Hair Removal (course of 6 treatments)

Lip & Chin [dots]£200

Sides of Face [dots]£250

Bikini [dots]£350

Bikini Extended [dots]£475

Underarm [dots]£250

Half Leg/Full Leg [dots]£750/£1,250

Half Arm/Full Arm [dots]£350/£55

Full Back & Shoulders [dots]£1,000

Shoulders [dots]£475

Upper/Lower Back, Chest [dots]£550

Abdomen [dots]£475

Other areas price on request