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Permanent Hair Removal

IPL devices aim to remove unwanted hair from the face and body permanently and painlessly. This system has been given the FDA approval to use permanent in the description of hair removal because of its effectiveness.

IPL is a flash of light delivered to the hair follicle which transmits heat causing damage to the root which is then no longer able to produce new hair growth. Between six to eight treatments are recommended.

Scientific studies in the early 1990s proved that lasers were an effective method of removing unwanted hair, and the first machine approved for laser hair removal in America was in 1996. Since then, many different types of Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machines or Light Heat Energy (LHE) devices have been developed and improved to remove hair in all areas of the body. No manufacturer has been given permission to claim that they can cause 'permanent hair removal', as this has not yet been proven. However, they are allowed to claim 'permanent hair reduction', as that means that whilst hair may not be removed entirely and forever, it will certainly be removed to a significant degree.

During the treatment a small hand piece will be used to touch your skin with flashes of light; a cooling spray, air or gel may also be applied. Most people describe the procedure as a little uncomfortable, with a tingling or stinging sensation. Treatments can be repeated at monthly intervals for between 2 and 7 treatments.

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