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Mesotherapy is the application of micro injections to an area to achieve penetration of vitamins, and stem cells and nano-peptide active ingredients into the skin, which results in improving the quality and structure of the face and body.

The procedure is used in the prevention and treatment of:

  • hair loss and alopecia
  • cellulite and stretch marks
  • spot fat reduction – double chins, under bra, love handles, saddle bags, above knee, underarms
  • ageing skin – wrinkles, loss of tone and laxity

The mission with Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals is to improve skin, hair and body health. Their dedication to develop advanced skin, hair and body care backed by science has earned their range of products a strong reputation within the medical community worldwide.

Thanks to breakthrough science, there is Nano-peptide Mesotherapy available. Nano-peptides are synthetic stem cells that ensure effective rejuvenation and is much more effective in treating cellulite, stretch marks, hair loss and permanent wrinkles.

The success is provided by the unique composition of over 50 active ingredients, including Nano-peptides and Nano-Capsulation Delivery System.

The products will either be applied through a micro-needle roller on injected into the skin.

Dermaheal HSR - Wrinkles

A powerful solution rejuvenates aged dehydrated skin, increases volume, luminosity and strength of skin. Biomimetic peptides and 1% Hyaluronic Acid increase cell proliferation dramatically improving lines and wrinkles, lifting skin and tightening pores.

A course of treatments is recommended for best results and a top up treatment every 6 months if required.

Recommended treatment one per week for 6weeks

Dermaheal SR – Rejuvenation of Face, Neck, Hands and Stretch Marks

This treatment is designed for the more delicate areas such as above and below the eye area, neck and hands. A powerful solution that rejuvenates crepey aged skin by generating the production of new cells, collagen and elastin. The appearance of stretch marks is also dramatically improved with this complex nano-peptide stem cell solution.

A course of treatments is recommended for best results with 6 monthly top-ups if required.

Recommended treatment one per week for 6weeks

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